Midnight Umbrella is the unnecessarily esoteric handle of Ryan Arruda, a native Rhode Islander who spends his days art directing, designing, illustrating, collaging & writing words in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Howdy, glad to make your acquaintance. I’ll lay it right out for you—I’ve got a love for art directing, burly typography, big posters, and ink on paper. Feel the same way and/or have a project that needs crafting? Let’s talk shop

As for my story, I graduated from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts with an undergraduate degree in film studies, and in 2010 I went on to receive an MFA in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design, in my beloved home state. 

Now I stake my claim in central Massachusetts with my family, where by day I wrangle art direction, design and content for the typography-loving folks at Monotype, and by night I grill up more graphic design malarky for the pure sport of it. 

My graphic design horsehockey and/or commentary has been featured in EyeGraphic Design: Now in Production; Communication Arts, Designworklife, Quipsologies, Green Patriot Posters: Images for a New Activism, Dribbble Replay, OMG Posters, Creative Bloq, The Drum, Branding Magazine, and on my parents’ refrigerator door.

What’s a Midnight Umbrella, you ask? Tell you what—purchase a boatload of loot from our official store, and I might just divulge the pseudonym’s mysterious etymology. Or buy me a delicious popcorn tin; your choice.

Thanks for stopping by!